A few years ago I wanted to try something new in terms of creativity. At first it was just an experiment and I wasn't sure what would come of it. I wanted to write music, not just as a songwriter, but as a composer. Even in my youth, I was especially inspired by the music from my favorite movies. As a result, I decided to compose a couple of soundtracks, not to the images of a motion picture, but to the moments of my life.


I was delighted with the process of writing and searching, because I was trying to learn various types of unique genre and direction. I discovered that there were no speed limits or any specific rules. I cherished every note and it seemed to me that I was immersed in a colorful world of melodies and harmonies. I wanted to convey emotions through musical accompaniment as well as to return lost hope to the listener.


"Unbreakable Hope" is a small collection of instrumental soundtracks from some significant moments of my life.


- Kostya.


You can listen and download it on iTunes and Google Play, or any of your preferred digital retailers.